Wednesday, March 27, 2013

"Have an 'Owl - of - Sight' Day"

We had just seen a feature on CNN about Travel and Leisure Magazine's Top Breakfast Places in the World ( Low and behold, number 17 on the list is the Tecolote Cafe here in Santa Fe. Since Guy Fieri of the TV Food Network made his appearance there, the lines of people waiting for a table are notorious.

 We went on a week day and only had a five minute wait for a table. The word "tecolote" means "owl" in Spanish, and there were owls everywhere - owl paintings and drawings from patrons of all ages, ceramic owls, and owl earrings on our friendly server. Right next to the large autographed poster of Guy Fieri on the wall is a map of the US with hundreds of pins showing where visitors have come from. We put our pin in Central PA. The New Mexican food was as good as it gets. I particularly enjoyed the basket of home made muffins and cinnamon rolls placed on each table along with the entree.

I can't say that I have been to others on the list such as Cristalli de Zucchero in Rome, Mr. Minsch in Berlin, Ten Belles in Paris, or Morning Call in New Orleans. Let's leave those for the next travel adventure.

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