Sunday, September 29, 2013

History Before My Eyes

When my mother passed away in 2005, she left a history in family photographs and memorabilia that was stored in two large crates (the large, 25 gallon size) and a copy paper box. Most of the photos were stored in the envelopes from the film developing companies.

The pressure was on me to review the contents of the crates before our pending move to New Mexico. I was also spurred on to sort the pictures, because the Groupon offer I purchased for transferring a thousand photos to a disc was about to expire.

So for the past 3 days, I have sorted hundreds of photos from the 1920's to 2005. My mother also kept a large stack of letters I had written to her on air mail paper on a weekly basis when I lived in Europe in the early '80's. The letters are a chronicle of events of daily life in a foreign land - travels, children's activities, coping with a foreign language, etc. (Do I see book in the offing here?) I also found a stack of Mother's Day cards I had sent to her over the years.

The thousand photos are now carefully packed in a 12x12x8 box ready to be shipped to California for scanning. Thanks for the all the wonderful memories, Mom





  1. Thanks for telling me to stop by.. Many treasures that have been passed down from your Mom to you... Keepsakes of the Heart...Love Ya!

  2. I know the feeling. Mom is here for a few more days and I am going to miss here when she take out on Tues . When I was home for my fathers memorial we went through the mounds of photographs ... JUST THE TIP of the iceberg though ....Can you please send me the link for the transfer to disc company. Thanks .. KAT writing to you from your future home !!!