Friday, July 19, 2013

"Creativity and Madness"

Every summer, Santa Fe hosts the "Creativity and Madness" week long seminars that provide continuing education credits for health professionals like myself. The conference organizers invite anyone who is interested in the psychology of artists and the creative process.

The workshop titles sound fascinating to me. Some examples offered at this summer's conference are: Self Images as Thru Disease and Disability: Frida Kahlo, Mexican Artist; The Creativity and Madness of Edward de Vere, the Man Who Wrote Shakespeare; Was Crazy Horse Crazy?; Technology Meets Poetry:  Psychological Reflections on the Creativity of Steve Jobs; Alfred Hitchcock:  Storyteller of Fear and other Expressions; Grant Wood and Thomas Hart Benton:  Pride and Passion on the Plains:  The Midwestern Regionalist Painters; and Healing the Self Through Self Portraits.

A bonus night out at the Santa Fe Opera is also offered during the week. I'll be waiting for next summer's conference to attend as a resident of Santa Fe!

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