Sunday, May 5, 2013

"It All Starts With A Lump Of Clay"

One of the experiences that Eric and I have put on the "back burner" until we return to New Mexico is making micaceous pottery with Felipe Ortega. Mr. Ortega is an Apache medicine man who uses the coil and scrape method of building beautiful clay pots from the mica rich clay indigenous to the Madera, New Mexico region for 400 years.

Until I learn from Mr. Ortega at his studio, I decided to try working with some clay that will be fired in an outdoor "firing pit" using cow manure for fuel right here in Central PA. Thanks to the invitation of artist friends Vivian and Gabriella, I am looking forward to joining them in firing my clay creation. Vivian gave me my block of clay and said, "work with it".

I used to observe children work with clay when I was a Play Therapist. It wasn't so much the end product that mattered, but how great it felt to have  clay to pinch, pull, stretch and mould.

 I wanted to become inspired, so I put my block of clay for a short time next to a beautiful
sculpture of a different kind - a glass flower by Ona Magaro in my garden. The creative juices are flowing, and I am ready to go to work. Stay tuned.

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  1. AWESOME!!!!! I have more when you need it! Ona Magaro's work is beautiful. Char was a neighbor in Camp Hill and I used to go to her studio to look at her daughter's work. Small circle!!!!! :-)