Wednesday, February 6, 2013

"Another Kind of 2,000 Mile Journey"

We began our motor trip in Harrisburg, PA January 29th. We knew it would take at least a week to get to Santa Fe, NM, with many stops along the way to exercise our two Beagles Mitzi and Daisy. They were good little travelers, sleeping mostly in their crates in the back seat of our Volvo sedan. We traveled through "the Virginias", Tennessee (where we hit the worst rain storm), Arkansas, Oklahoma (lots of those Danish windmills), the panhandle of Texas and finally into New Mexico. When we reached Santa Fe, we had driven a total of 2055 miles. Just yesterday, I read about a man who had made a similar 2,000 mile journey to the "City Different". The only thing we had in common were two dogs. John Wayne Haynes quit his job in southern Michigan, left all his worldly possessions, and traveled with two border collies while riding one Appaloosa with another in tow. It took John, age 55, 6 months to reach Santa Fe. I believe what we all now share is best summed up in this quote from Eric Garduno, an art gallery director here in the city: "Close your eyes. Breathe in the clear mountain air laced with notes of juniper and leather, Hear the hot crackle of pinon on cast iron, Feel the spice of rich red chile on your lips, Now open your the most beautiful sunset in the world."

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