Wednesday, February 13, 2013

"Eric's Art and Harry's Roadhouse"

Eric and I went to Harry's Roadhouse for lunch yesterday. Harry's is also on the old Route 66 and is a favorite restaurant of tourists and locals. We have eaten there several times before on other trips to Santa Fe. On one of these visits to Harry's several years ago, Eric took a photograph of a wall sculpture on a blue background. The sculpture was a tree with brightly colored birds and fruit. About a year later, Eric began his Transformation Art Work, which involves taking a photograph and transforming it into an abstract image. Here is Eric's description of his Transformation of the wall sculpture at Harry's into his artwork "In the Beginning": "The source image was a primitive iron and color sculpture on the wall of Harry’s Roadhouse in Santa Fe, NM. Colorful elements in the image became tendrils that seem to disappear into the distance or resolve into clarity in the foreground, all emanating from a primal, unseen source. The innate simplicity and spiritu- ality of the original transformed for me into a visualization of the beginnings of time and life itself."

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