Friday, February 22, 2013

"Santa Fe, Art and Inclusiveness"

On my first visit to Santa Fe many years ago, I could not help but notice the welcome sign at the entrance to the city:  "Welcome. We are Building an Inclusive Community". I thought this must have been true since the city's very beginnings (Santa Fe celebrates birthday number 403 this year), when Spaniards, Pueblo Indians and Anglos co-existed and later influenced every aspect of the city's art, cuisine and architecture. This multi-cultural city is an eminent center of contemporary art (third major art market after Los Angeles and New York), while traditional, regional art continues to flourish. Art is not only a business, but a way of life here. Art is what gives this small city vitality and has allured visitors from all over the world. Santa Fe became the first U.S. city to be chosen by UNESCO as a Creative City, one of only 9 cities in the world to hold this honor. It is certainly fun for me to see my artist husband be excited on a daily basis with new ideas for cuisine and visual art work. He has proclaimed several times, "Nancy, they speak my language out here. I feel included and happy."

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