Thursday, February 21, 2013

"My Wearable Art Treasures"

I received a phone call from artist Kat Schilke who told me that the handbag she had made for me was finished! Kat invited us to meet her at an estate sale in Santa Fe where she and other artists and vendors were selling wearable art, antiques, jewelry and a variety of other treasures. Eric and I found Kat and her handbags in a room talking to a woman who was introduced to us as Cindy, the writer of a very popular blog called "Chasing Santa Fe". Then Kat presented me with my handbag, and it was exactly as I had pictured it to be. We chatted for awhile and then Eric spied a gorgeous hand painted soft red suede shirt hanging on a door. He said, "That is you, Nancy! Try it on." I did and it fit perfectly. I consider myself a lucky lady to have two amazing one of a kind pieces of western wear, thanks to Kat and Eric.


  1. OOoO... Yes Cynthia felt you made 2 perfect purchases I do to. Hope to hear from or see you both this Sunday.

    Kat !